Steering Committee Meetings

Conceptual Assessment in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Group Meeting
March 19-21, 2010
ASBMB Office, Rockville, MD

A group of 29 faculty, researchers and ASBMB staff met to begin a dialogue on core concepts and assessments in biochemistry and molecular biology and to set a blueprint for the entire BMB Concept Inventory project.  A summary of the meeting, "Biochemistry and molecular biology educators launch national network", was published in the July/August issue of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, vol 38(4), p266-267. 

Link to the article online. 

RCN-UBE Working Group Meeting at the ASBMB Student Centered Education in the Molecular Life Sciences Meeting
July 20-23, 2011
University of Richmond, Richmond, VA.

This meeting was held in conjunction with the bi-annual ASBMB sponsored special symposia, Student Centered Education in the Molecular Life Sciences.

For complete meeting program, powerpoint presentations and videos from 2011, go to: 


2012 RCN-UBE Steering Committee Meeting
April 23, 2012
San Diego, CA

This meeting was held during the 2012 ASBMB Annual Meeting.

Meeting Summary 


2013 RCN-UBE Steering Committee Meeting
August 3-4, 2013
Seattle, WA
This meeting will be held in advance of the ASBMB Student-Centered Education in Molecular Life Sciences meeting.

Meeting Agenda