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 232.   Alice and C. C. Wang Award in Molecular Parasitology

Award Symposium

Mon. 3:45 pm—San Diego Convention Center, Room 6C

Chaired: K. Stuart

3:45                        Award introduction and presentation.

3:55      232.1       RNA editing in trypanosomal parasites K. Stuart. Seattle Biomed. Res. Inst.

4:30      232.2       Antigenic variation by malaria parasites: noncoding RNAs, histone modifiers and RNA pol II K.W. Deitsch, U.E. Ukaegbu and S.P. Kishore. Weill Med. Col. of Cornell Univ.

5:00      232.3       Inositol phosphate regulation of variant surface glycoprotein expression in Trypanosoma brucei I. Cestari. Seattle Biomed. Res. Inst.

5:20      232.4       Genome-wide approaches to dissecting Leishmania differentiation P.J. Myler and D. Zilberstein. Seattle Biomed. Res. Inst., Univ. of Washington and Techion - Israel Inst. of Sci.

5:50                        Discussion.