Travel Award Application Guidelines and Instructions



NOTICE: The travel award application submission site is now closed to new applications for award categories with a posted deadline date of Nov 19.  Funding decisions will be emailed to applicants no later than January 31st. 
Late breaking abstracts do not qualify for travel award application eligibility. 
 The Undergraduate Affiliate Network Travel Award and Outstanding Chapter Award applications remain open until the deadlines posted below.


  1. Applicant is responsible for all award criteria and requirements associated with the specific award/grant to which they apply. 
  2. Applicant must be able to fulfill all requirements of the specific award/grant to which they apply. 
  3. Applicant may apply for only one travel award/grant.  Multiple applications from the same applicant will not be considered.  
  4. Applicant must successfully submit an abstract, as first author, to an ASBMB abstract topic category (#2000-2427) by the November 8th deadline.  Each applicant must be the first author of a unique abstract.    
  5. Application must be complete and submitted by the travel award application deadline, Tuesday, November 19th, by 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time Zone (unless otherwise posted in the award description). 
    Do not wait until the last minute to submit an application.  
  6. Limited funding available for each award/grant category. 
  7. NIH Fellows are strongly advised to check with their administrative office regarding the rules governing acceptance of reimbursable travel award funding PRIOR to submitting an application.  ASBMB awards are paid on a reimbursable basis.


II. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - Have all required supporting documents ready to upload: 

  1. All documents must be PDF format.  All other file types must be converted to a .pdf file. 
  2. Label each file with Applicant Last Name_First Initial and supporting document type (see examples below) 
  3. Do not use hyphens, apostrophies, asterisks, etc. in the document file name.   The system will not accept files with such characters.   
  4. Place applicant name and abstract ID number in the upper right corner of every page of each supporting document to assist the review committee. 

How to name supporting document files.  Examples:
• Armstrong_A_Abstract.pdf
• Armstrong_A_Statement.pdf
• Armstrong_A_AdvisorLtr.pdf 




ASBMB MEMBERS, (Nonmembers scroll down) 

  1. Click “Apply for an ASBMB 2014 Travel Award Now!” (Section VI ). 
  2. Enter the email address associated with your ASBMB member profile.  Don't remember the email associated with your member record?  Contact before proceeding.  
  3. Once your email address is validated by the system, enter the password associated with your ASBMB member profile.  Don't remember your password, click "Forgot your password?" to have your password emailed to you.   Check your junk mail and spam filter if you do not see the reminder email in your inbox. 
  4. Do NOT create a new profile if you do not remember either the email address or the password associated with your ASBMB membership account.  Contact and request this information prior to applying.  
  5. Select the, "Submit and Continue to Meeting" button at the bottom of the page to continue with the application submission process.  
  6. See "Note About ASBMB Membership Status" below. 


 NON-MEMBERS, (ASBMB Members scroll up) 

  1. Click “Apply for an ASBMB 2014 Travel Award Now!” (Section VI ) 
  2. Enter your email address 
  3. If your email was not recognized by the system, click the "Sign Up," button to create your profile and set up a password.  Make note of the email address and password so you can return to the site. 
  4. Complete the profile fields and select the, "Submit and Continue to Meeting" button at the bottom of the page to continue with the application submission process.  
  5. See "Note About ASBMB Membership Status" below. 



ASBMB member or non-member status is verified and tagged to the application during the login phase of the travel award application process.  In some cases, ASBMB membership is a requirement of award eligibility, (review specific award/grant description).  Member status cannot be updated once an application is submitted.  It is recommended to apply for ASBMB membership a minimum of 72 hours prior to submitting a travel award application so the membership application has time to fully process.   ASBMB member dues must be paid in full for the dues year, Jan-Dec, 2014, prior to application submission. 




  • Only complete applications (all required documents successfully uploaded and questionnaire complete) will be reviewed for consideration.   
  • Complete submissions will receive an on-screen confirmation in addition to an email confirmation.   
  • An incomplete application will receive an onscreen notice in red text that there are missing components to the application.  You must log back into the system, review your profile, select the pencil icon to edit an "in-progress" application and complete the application submission.  All applications must be completed prior to the posted application deadline. 




If you receive a system error response during the login or submission process, please take a screen capture of the error message.  Here are some recommendations to investigate if you get stuck. 

  • Email address already on file - contact before proceeding.  Include your name, email address, award category and advise the error you received. 
  • Check the labels of your supporting document files.  Remove apostrophes or asterisks from the file name. 
  • Exit the site, clear your browser history/cache and log back in to try again.  Consider using a different computer in the lab or try from home. 
  • Be patient!  The system may respond more slowly during times of heavy traffic.  Wait for the complete selection and upload of each required document. 
  • If you are delayed during the submission process, your session may time out.  Log back into the system to start the process again.  
  • If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact with your name, email address, award category, detail of the error you received - a screen shot is preferred with an explanation of what led you to the error, and the browser and version you are using.  



Click here to enter the ASBMB travel award application system.



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