Start Trek: The Next Generation of Scientists
The ASBMB Annual Meeting can be a fun, educational and thrilling experience for
undergraduates.  There will be hundreds of scientific talks, free networking events, and plenary lectures delivered by well-established scientists in their fields.  You might run even into the author of your favorite biochemistry textbook or a Nobel Laureate!  The ASBMB has put together the following series of activities to help students get more out of the meeting.  

Beam Me Up Scotty!  A Galactic Overview of the Annual Meeting
San Diego Convention Center, Room 1B
SAT. APR 26, 11:30 AM

The ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliate Network Committee will be hosting an orientation for all undergraduates attending the meeting.  The event will highlight the most exciting scientific talks, networking events and must attend workshops during the meeting.     

ASBMB 18th Annual Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition
The Vulcan Mind Probe
San Diego Convention Center, Room 6B
SAT. APR 26, 12:00 - 4:30 PM
Advance event registration required.

This is an annual event where undergraduates are invited to present their research to fellow students and scientist judges for a chance to win commendations and cash prizes.  All undergraduate abstract first authors who submit their abstracts by the November 8 deadline will be invited to participate.  Look for our e-mail invitations in January, 2014. Learn more about the 2014 Undergraduate Poster Competition. 

Exploring Careers after College Workshop
Boldly Go Where No Scientist Has Gone Before
San Diego Convention Center, Room 6A
SAT. APR 26, 4:45 - 5:45 PM

What are the career opportunities available to biomedical scientists?  Do you need a Ph.D. to embark on your dream career?  With graduation on the horizon, this is your chance to ask scientists who are pursuing both traditional and non-traditional scientific career paths.  Meet a biochemist patent lawyer, a science policy analyst, a science writer, and others who will give you tips on how to jump start your career at this Careers Speed-Dating Event.  

An Undergraduate Scavenger Hunt
Trekking for Tribbles

What are Tribbles?  That’s one of the questions you’ll have to answer in order to complete our inaugural ASBMB undergraduate student Scavenger Hunt.  More information will be made available during the orientation session.  First 25 winners can claim their prize at the ASBMB booth.