17th Annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition



Undergraduate Students
Volunteer Judges - We have fulfilled our judges quota.  Thank you to all those who are volunteering!

 Graduate Program Exhibitors - Exhibitor registration is now closed 

Undergraduate Poster Organizing Committee: 

  • Kathleen Cornely, Providence College, Chair 
  • Kristin Fox, Union College 
  • Phillip A. Ortiz, Empire State College 
What:    ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competiiton 
When:   Saturday, April 20, 2013, see schedule of events below 
Where:   Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), East Registration Area (Exhibit Hall Level)
Note: a meeting registration badge is required to access the Convention Center
Why:   - Cash Prizes for Best Poster Presentations!
- Meet fellow undergraduates at the start of the meeting!
- Graduate Program recruiters on-hand!
- Explore research beyond your lab!
How:   Students who follow the required steps below,
will receive an invitation to participate, sent in early February.
  1. Successfully submit an abstract, as first author, to an ASBMB topic category #2000-2408, by the November 13, 2012, abstract submission deadline.
  2. During abstract submission, undergraduate student must be the first author AND select “Undergraduate” as the first author status/designation.
  3. We strongly recommend the student-first author create the absract submission login using her/his own email address.  The advisor’s email address must be provided in the sponsor information field.  This allows ASBMB to communicate directly with students and their advisors.
  4. Successful submission requires payment of the $65 non-refundable abstract processing fee.
  5. A unique submission is required from each competitor.  There are NO  “Co-First Authors.”

Eligible first authors will receive a “Sign Up,” email invite to join the competition.  The invite will be sent to the address provided when logging in to submit your abstract. 
ASBMB can only identify undergraduate abstracts when the first author status, “UNDERGRADUATE,” has been selected.  All other status selections (including, None of the Above) are not eligible for the competition.

  Schedule of Events for Saturday, April 20, 2013

All events are located in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), unless noted.
Experimental Biology meeting registration is required to access the BCEC.

11:30 AM to
12:00 PM
Annual Meeting Orientation for Undergraduate Students
Location: BCEC, Room 50, Exhibit Hall Level
Orientation open to all undergraduates attending the poster competition. 
No registration required. 
11:30 AM to
1:00 PM
Judge's Orientation Session
Location: BCEC, Room 52, Exhibit Hall Level
12:00 PM to
1:00 PM
UAN Chapter Activity Presentations
Location: BCEC, East Registration Area, Exhibit Hall Level
UAN Chapter representatives may check in chapter activity posters beginning at 11:30 AM.
12:00 PM to
1:00 PM
Check In, poster set up &
Graduate Program Exhibitor set up 
Location: BCEC, East Registration Area, Exhibit Hall Level
Posters must remain on display 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm.
1:00 PM to
4:30 PM
Judging of the Posters
Poster manning times are distributed at check in. 
Competitors remain for the entire competition.
2:30 PM  Networking Break
Light refreshments will be served during a mid-point networking break.
Students are encouraged to visit our Graduate Program Exhibitors at this time and
while you are not manning a poster.
4:45 PM to
5:45 PM
Beyond College: Coping with Some
Common Challenges Workshop
Location: BCEC, Room 50, Exhbit Hall Level
All undergraduate students are expected to attend.
  Schedule of Events for Sunday, April 21, 2013 
12:30 PM to
1:30 PM
Poster Awards Presentation and
Award for Exemplary Contributions to Education Award Lecture
  Location: BCEC, Room 257 East