ASBMB 2012 Travel Awards and Grants 

ASBMB will award the following travel awards and grants to assist first authors presenting their research (abstract submission required) at the ASBMB Annual Meeting.  Only one application will be accepted per applicant.  Applications to more than one award category will not be accepted.

Travel award applications are closed except for the following:  

  1. UAN Outstanding Chapter Award   


ASBMB 2012 Travel Award Descriptions and Criteria

• Child Care Grant 

Graduate Minority Travel Award, funded through the FASEB MARC Program. 

 Graduate or Postdoctoral Travel Award 

Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Outstanding Chapter Award 

Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Travel Award, for chapters to designate their Chapter or Regional Meeting Travel Award winners ONLY. 
• Undergraduate Faculty Travel Award  Faculty applicants must be the first author on the abstract associated with the travel award application.  Students submitting travel award applications and/or participating in the poster competition must submit unique abstracts on which they are the first author. 
Undergraduate Student Competitive Travel Award 

2012 NSF Funded Spotlight on PUI Faculty and Undergraduate ResearchTravel Award (PUI = Primarily Undergraduate Institution) 




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