Undergraduate Student Competitive Travel Award Description


This $400 travel award is offered to assist undergraduate students presenting research (abstract submission required) at the ASBMB Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with Experimental Biology 2012 in San Diego, CA, and participating in the Annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition.   

There are a limited number of travel awards in this category and they will be awarded competitively. 

U.S. residency is not required for this award.  

December, 2011 graduates not already enrolled in a Graduate Program and Spring, 2012 graduates are eligible to apply. 

Procedure Update! 

Participation in the Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition on Saturday, April 21, 2012, is mandatory for ALL Travel Award recipients.  When arranging travel, allow for an on time arrival at the Poster Competition.  Event check-in begins at Noon on Saturday, April 21. View the Poster Competition webpage for a full schedule of events. 

Invitations to participate in the Poster Competition will be emailed in mid-January to all undergraduate First Authors of abstracts submitted to ASBMB topic categories #2000-2432.  You cannot sign up for the competition until you receive your invitiation.  Invitations will be emailed to the address provided when you set up your log in at the Experimental Biology abstract submission site.     


Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Travel Award Designates and Regional Meeting Travel Award Recipients

DO NOT submit an Undergraduate Competitive Travel Award application if you have been selected by your UAN chapter advisor as the designated recipient of your chapter's UAN Travel Award (this is a noncompetitive travel award) or if you have been awarded a travel award as a result of a poster competition during a regional meeting.  Go to the Undergraduate Affiliate Network Travel Award page for additional information and instructions.


Required Supporting Documents

 The following supporting documents are for Undergraduate Student COMPETITIVE Travel Award applicants. 

Supporting documents must be uploaded as either .pdf or .jpg files.  All other file types must be converted to .pdf or .jpg. 


The essay must be no less than one page and not to exceed two pages in length.

Place your name within the document in the upper right header so it appears on all pages.

Include your name as part of the file name as in the following example format,
Last name_First initial_Research.pdf or .jpg

Research Essay should include the following:

A) Briefly and in general terms describe your research project (do not restate your abstract which already provides us with the technical description of your project)
B) Specifically describe your role in the research project and how long you have carried out the project.
C) Describe your inspiration or reason why you love to do research
Detail your post-graduate plans 


Upload a copy of the successfully submitted abstract to an ASBMB topic category #2000-2432.
Submission Instructions for complete abstract submission criteria.)

Place your name within the document in the upper right header.

Include your name as part of the file name as in the following example format, Last name_First initial_Abstract.pdf or .jpg


  1. LETTER of RECOMMENDATION from your current research advisor 

Please share the following description with your advisor when requesting his/her support of your application. 

The letter of recommendation for your student must be submitted as part of the student’s electronic travel award application and will be used to assist the review committee in distinguishing amongst the applicants.

Please address the criteria below within no more than 1.5 pages.

If endorsing more than one applicant, please provide a unique letter for each student.

Electronic letterhead and signature or a scanned version of the letter are acceptable as either a .jpg or .pdf file.
Include the student’s name as part of the file name as in the following sample format, Last name_First initial_Recommendation.pdf or .jpg

Offer a detailed evaluation of your student including discussion of the following: 

A) How well does your student analyze the data and how well does he/she understand the significance of the data
What are your student’s strengths at the bench
Describe other personal qualities that have helped your student succeed in the lab
D) H
ow does your student interact with other students in the lab
How does your student compare with other students you have mentored
Does your student seem to have a passion for what he/she is doing
Describe your student’s potential for success in his/her chosen career 




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