Undergraduate Affiliate Network (UAN) Travel Award Description

Application is now closed.

Please complete the UAN Travel Award application if: 

  1. You are a student designated by your UAN chapter advisor to receive your chapter's $400 non-competitive travel award or 
  2. You attended a UAN sponsored regional undergraduate research symposium and won a travel award during the event

You may review UAN Designate Travel Award and UAN Regional Meeting Award criteria at www.asbmb.org/uanawards 

Required Supporting Documentation:

Award designate/recipient must be the first author of a "Successfully Submitted" abstract to an ASBMB topic category #2000-2432.

A copy of the submitted abstract must be uploaded in either .jpg or .pdf format.  All other file formats must be converted to .jpg or .pdf. 
(Review "Submission Instructions" for complete abstract criteria and submission guidelines.)

Important Reminder:

Participation in the 2012 Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition is mandatory for all travel award recipients and is by invitation only.  Invitations will be emailed in mid-January to all undergraduate First Authors of abstracts submitted to ASBMB topic categories #2000-2432.  You cannot sign up for the poster competition until you recieve your invitation.  Invitations will be emailed to the address provided when you set up your log in at the Experimental Biology abstract submission site. 


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  • Questions: wzhao@asbmb.org