Career Center

The Career Center is an absolutely must for any professional looking to start their research career, anyone thinking its time for a job change or for the seasoned professional that just wants to brush up on their professional development skills.   The Career Center has career counselors available to assist with: answering your job search questions; direct you to valuable resources; offer networking opportunities with employers; and provides useful information in their daily career sessions.   Take advantage of the resources available in the Career Center to make your job search less stressful, more efficient, focused and ultimately leading to a new career opportunity for you.  
 See what the Career Center offered last year at EB 2009 in New Orleans.  


Be sure to check out the Young Professionals section for additional items of interest to undergraduate students and postdoctural fellows.   

This is offered as a service of FASEB Career Resources, arranged by Experimental Biology 2010.  More information is available online at the FASEB Career Center 

Virtual Career Fair (before, during and after the meeting)
Computer-assisted registration, ‘search-and-referral’ services, interview scheduling and message services
On-site interview facilities
Position Available’ posting area (unlimited postings included with Employer Registration)
Career development seminars
Cover letter and resume critique workshops
Message center for applicants and employers
Careers OnLine Applicant DataNet Registration (year-round applicant resume referrals) 

Marc Program 

Note: Access to the Career Resources Center is FREE to applicants who are registered for the Experimental Biology 2010 meeting subject to verification of EB 2010 Meeting Registration; however, employers must register at 

The FASEB MARC Program will be sponsoring EB 2010 Travel Awards to help support the participation of faculty/mentors, postdoctoral fellows, and students from minority institutions (MIs) and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  The travel awards are funded for travel-related expenses and meeting registration. Travel awards are provided as reimbursements after the meeting.  The travel awards are supported by a federal training grant from the NIGMS, NIH; therefore, only U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. are eligible for the travel awards.  Underrepresented minority faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows from majority institutions are also eligible to apply for the travel awards.  For travel award information, contact or visit the MARC website.   

Travel award application deadline is March 1, 2010. 

Marc Professional Development Program

The FASEB Career Resources and MARC Program Office will offer seminars in the Career Resources Center at the Experimental Biology 2010 Annual Meeting. EB 2010 registration is required to participate in the seminars.  

Social Media & Career Development for Life Scientists
Alternate Careers: The Path Less Traveled
Interviewing Tips: Winning that Next Job
Job Opportunities in the Drug Development Process
Beyond the Bench…Preparing for Your Career Transition in the Life Sciences
The industrial Hiring Process: Learn the Nuances, Get the Offer
Postdocs: What Should You be Looking For and How to Find Them
The Job Talk
Ph.D. Negotiation Skills and strategies: How to Get What You Want and Need
The Academic Job Search in the Life Sciences: Part 1 -
Understanding the Search Process from the perspective of Search Committees and Find Job Announcements
The Academic Job Search in the Life Sciences: Part 2 - Creating Your Written Application Materials: CVs, Cover Letters, Teaching Portfolios, Etc.
Professional Development for Ph.D.s
Fundamentals for Managing the Postdoctoral Experience
Annual Strategic Planning Tips for Junior Faculty and Post-Docs
Networking: A Required Life Skill Get Up With Something On Your Mind
Making the Case for Graduate School
Goal Setting, Prioritizing, Time Management
Leadership Principles for Today's Professional
How to Design and Deliver a Dynamic Research Talk
Tips for Formatting Your CV or Resume I Microsoft Word
Documenting Your Teaching: Creating a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for th
Academic Job Search
Job Hunting in the Biotech Industry
Launching Your Academic Job Search
Ten Ways to Get Lucky in the Job Search
Military Scientists: Military and Civilian Careers in the Army
Handshakes, Eye Contact, Small Talk: How to Build your Professional Network
Getting the Industry Job: The Tailored Resume/CV, The Perfect Cover Letter 

NIH Sessions

NIH Career Development (K) Awards
Formula for Grant Success: Part 1 - Scientific Peer Review (Faculty/Postdoctorates/Graduate Students)
Formula for Grant Success: Part II - Grant Writing for Success (Faculty/Postdoctorates/Graduate Students) 

For further information, contact: 

FASEB Career Resources & MARC Program
9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3998

ASBMB | 9650 Rockville Pike | Bethesda | MD 20814 | (301) 634-7145