The Marion B. Sewer Distinguished Scholarship for Undergraduates 2017 Special Symposia

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April 2017

Cover of the current issue of ASBMB Today

Slime and grime
that stick to ships

Trump's travel ban

2017 award winners



2017 grant-writing workshop

The ASBMB's grant-writing workshop is for assistant professors and postdocs who are transitioning into independent faculty positions. Participants will receive individualized feedback on their research proposals and post-workshop mentoring. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, faculty members at

ASBMB Today April 2017

For this month’s cover story, ASBMB’s science writer John Arnst explores the persistent problem of biofouling that have plagued ships since the dawn of sailing. The issue also contains highlights about the 2017 ASBMB Annual Meeting as well as stories about this year’s cohort of annual award winners. There also is a trio of essays that explore how foreigners influence science in the U.S. As always, the magazine offers a variety of stories, such as journal news, member updates and essays

Journal News

JBC through the expert's eye

Introducing Editors' Picks Highlights! These short, authoritative articles will help you deconstruct the context, conclusions and open questions surrounding Editors' Picks papers. Check out the first two Highlights on P450 regioselectivity and viral fusion , and keep watching this page for more.

MCP special issue: Proteomics in Infectious Disease

 This special collection of 20 articles, coordinated by Ileana Cristea at Princeton University, highlights and celebrates the contribution of proteomics to fundamental discoveries in infectious disease research. Learn more

Member News

Wilson heads tribal health research office

David R. Wilson  has been appointed as the director of the tribal health research office at the National Institutes of Health.

Sumter is first Winthrop provost’s faculty fellow

Winthrop University has named  Takita Felder Sumter , professor of chemistry, as its inaugural provost’s faculty fellow.

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