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2014 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winners

2014 UGPC McKnightMay 9, 2014 -- Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 18th Annual Undergraduate Poster Competition. Over 250 students participated in the competition on April 26th at the San Diego Convention Center. Students presented their research in front of judges and fellow students for a chance to win prizes and gain experience sharing their work. Following the competition, students also had the opportunity to meet with graduate program exhibitors, as well as attend the Exploring Careers after College workshop to meet with representatives from industry, science outreach, and other careers paths. 

The following students were recognized for their accomplishments within each category:

Bioenergetics  Best Poster Winner  Amanda Bolles  Kalamazoo College 
Bioenergetics  Honorable Mention  Thomas Alderson  U. of Wisconsin - Madison 
Bioenergetics  Honorable Mention  Zachary Harvey  College of Wooster 
Bioenergetics  Honorable Mention  Alexander Novak  Minnesota State U. - Moorhead 
Bioenergetics  Honorable Mention  Jessica Waninger-Saron  Saint Mary's University 
Cell Biology Best Poster Winner Wesley Cai      University of Arizona
Cell Biology Honorable Mention  Kyle Cavagnini U. of North Carolina - Asheville
Cell Biology Honorable Mention  Shea Feeney San Francisco State University
Cell Biology Honorable Mention  Mercedes Quintana San Diego State University
Cell Biology Honorable Mention  Kyle Turcic Benedictine University
Immunology Best Poster Winner Sonia Sandhu Rutgers University
Immunology Honorable Mention  Evan Glasgow U. of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Immunology Honorable Mention  Megan Mitchell U. of South Carolina - Columbia
Immunology Honorable Mention  Michael Rockman Lafayette College
Immunology Honorable Mention  Eric Yik California State U - Fullerton
DNA & Chromosomes       Best Poster Winner        Tayla Olsen U. of Wisconsin - Madison
DNA & Chromosomes Honorable Mention  Manish Aryal College of Wooster
DNA & Chromosomes Honorable Mention  Kristin Harrington U. of Wisconsin - Madison
DNA & Chromosomes Honorable Mention  Rachel Knox Seattle University
DNA & Chromosomes Honorable Mention  Kaba Tandjigora Montclair State University