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2013 Honor Society Inductees N-Z

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Anna Patruno

Marymount Manhattan College

Ashley Pirovano

Marymount Manhattan College 

Andras Sagi


A.Sagi crop.jpg(4)With both of his parents being chemists, Andras has always had some level of engagement and interest in the sciences. In middle school, exposure to Frank Ryan's Virus X: Tracking the New Killer Plagues caused him to seriously consider a career in the natural sciences. His highly favorable experience with chemistry in high school inclined him to focus specifically on biochemistry and biophysics.

After completing university, Andras intends to pursue a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry or structural biology. From there, he intends to seek employment, in either academia or government, in order to pursue research in biophysical chemistry. Ideally, he would like to study the structures and dynamics of nucleic acids.

His project involves the characterization of the binding of various ligands to DNA G-quadruplex structures (focusing on the human telomeric repeat). This has been executed mostly through the use of fluorescence-visualized polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis hydroxyl radical footprinting techniques. Recently, he has begun employing NMR in order to better analyze the conformational dynamics of, and ligand binding to, G-quadruplex structures.

In his spare time, Andras enjoys reading Central European and Central Asian history. He also plays badminton and swims recreationally. Membership in the UAN has been helpful in terms of informing him of important events in the scientific community. The free subscriptions with which it is associated have also been useful to him in his general reading and research.

Angela Schlegel


A.Schlegel crop.jpgAngela Schlegel is a native of Tucson, Arizona and will be graduating this May from the University of Arizona with a major in biochemistry and a minor in chemistry. This fall, she will begin pursuing a Ph.D. in plant biology as part of the DBBS program at Washington University in St. Louis. She hopes to use her skills one day as a professor actively involved in both research and teaching.

Schlegel has always had an interest in science, but it was not until high school when she began conducting research through one of her classes that a career in science became a reality. She currently conducts research in the lab of Dr. Samuel Campos. She is attempting to determine the identities and roles of host cell factors involved in HPV infections. She has previously studied bumblebee behavior and secondary metabolisms of natural products of sage in other research labs at the University of Arizona.

During her undergraduate years, Schlegel has been actively involved in outreach activities with local high school and middle school students through both the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) and UAN. She has also been able to help with a summer science program through her high school that seeks to train local teachers and high school students in biotechnology concepts and techniques. In her spare time, Schlegel is an avid reader and cook. She enjoys taking advantage of the Tucson weather to hike and ride her bicycle.  

Aishan Shi


A.Shi crop.jpg(2)Aishan is a senior from the University of Arizona majoring in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and English.  She currently works in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Cordes in the Department of Biochemistry, performing structural and bioinformatics analysis on de novo proteins.  This project fits into the larger scope of the lab, which focuses on protein evolution.  Additionally, Aishan studies the development of figurative language tropes in the communication of science as part of her English major project.

Her interest in science, particularly the biological sciences, first developed in high school honors biology class when her biology teacher Mr. Dole, asked the class to perform the steps of the Central Dogma as a play.  Due to the invaluable science education she has had, Aishan works to bring science to the community through outreach.  She served as her chapter’s UAN Vice President this past year and co-organized the BECUR Conference as well as the BlastOff! Summer Camp for middle school students.  She hopes to continue with outreach efforts after college during her spare time.

This fall, she will attend the University of Illinois Medical Scholars Program as an M.D./Ph.D. candidate in the Communications Graduate Program.  Through this dual-degree program, she hopes to conduct research studies about how medicine is communicated in society.  In her spare time, Aishan enjoys reading, writing, running, longboarding, and baking cupcakes.

Lauren Shuda


L.Shuda crop.jpgAs a child, Lauren always wanted to know the “how” and the “why” about everything from astronomy to biology, to meteorology, and chemistry. When she was eight, her grandfather developed lung cancer, and spent a lot of time in hospitals and accompanying her grandfather during visits to doctors. As a consequence, human biology and medicine amazed her. She wanted to learn everything about it.

At Drake, she is involved in ASBMB UAN, Pre-Medical Club, Alpha Phi Omega (professional service fraternity), Beta Beta Beta (professional biology fraternity), Chemistry Club, Alpha Mu Gamma (honors language fraternity), MortarBoard (honors society promoting academics, leadership, and service), the Drake Dance Team, and the Drake Curling Club. She likes to dance (ballet, jazz, tap), cook, bake, and spend time with family and friends. She plans to attend medical school after college.

Lauren is currently working on three projects. In organic chemistry, she and her partner are synthesizing highly sensitive probe substrates to react with Cytochrome P450 to examine the mechanism. In molecular biology, she and her partner are assessing the effects of high concentrations of IFN on A549 cells. In physiology, Lauren is working with a group to assess the effect of positional changes on stroke volume of fluid-compromised individuals.

Freshman year, Lauren joined her UAN chapter’s founding executive council as the secretary. Now as a junior and the president, she is very grateful for all of the opportunities that her involvement has allowed her. In particular, she loves participating in her chapter’s outreach as a chemistry tutor at a local inner-city high school.

Grace Soloff


G.Soloff crop.jpgGrace Soloff is a senior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major at Ursinus College. Grace is from Lower Providence, Pennsylvania, and she has been involved in science her whole life. Her interest in biochemistry was sparked in a high school chemistry class. During her time at Ursinus, Grace developed a passion for research while working on protein-protein interaction in the lab of Dr. Julia Koeppe. Her project aims to characterize the interface between the lectin-like domain of thrombomodulin and the complement system component C3 by using hydrogen-deuterium exchange and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry. Her goal is to find potential inhibitory effects of thrombomodulin to prevent inflammation caused by activation of C3.

In addition to her research, Grace has been involved in outreach to local middle school students, such as judging science fairs and speaking to students about science. Outside of science, Grace is a Music minor and is active in the string orchestra and string quartet at Ursinus. After graduation, Grace will be attending Yale University to pursue a doctoral degree in biochemistry and biophysics. In the future, she hopes to have a career in biomedical research.