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2012 UAN Honor Society Inductees R - Z

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Emily Roblee

E.RobleeEmily Roblee is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, but grew up in Bedford, New Hampshire. She is a junior at Providence College majoring in biology on the pre-medical track. 
Roblee has worked as a resident assistant for freshman girls for the past two years, and she is also an officer of the Providence College chapter of AED, the pre-health honors society. She sings in the choir for Sunday Mass, and volunteers weekly with young girls at a home for abused and neglected children. Her hobbies include running, playing tennis, and playing the piano.

Roblee has been interested in science ever since she was little, but she knew she wanted to pursue a scientific career after taking biology and chemistry in high school. Her favorite undergraduate course so far is biochemistry. After she receives her undergraduate degree, Emily hopes to attend medical school to become a physician. Currently, Roblee is involved in research investigating the role of programmed cell death in genetic reduction in several species of yeast. She plans on presenting her research at the 2012 ASBMB Annual Meeting during the poster competition.

Sarah Russell

S.RussellSarah Russell grew up in Johnston, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines.  She first became interested in the sciences through science fairs during elementary school.  Russell liked the sense of discovery and figuring out why things happened the way they do. In college, her favorite courses are biochemistry and molecular biology.  She is currently a junior at Drake University majoring in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.  After graduation Russell plans to attend a physician assistant program.

Part of her interest in the sciences is that sense of discovery. It is no surprise therefore that Russell joined a research lab her freshman year at college. Her project involved the isolation of secretase and its polypeptide substrate from porcine brain, and comparing samples from a young porcine brain to samples from an older animal.  Russell has also assisted in testing and revising teaching experiments for incorporation into a biochemistry teaching laboratory sequence. She likes the independent nature of research and the sense of being in uncharted territory.  She also enjoys working independently, asking questions and then finding ways to answer them.

In her spare time Russell has volunteered at a local free medical clinic. She helped found Drake University’s chapter of UAN. Through the UAN, she has helped to mentor and tutor local high school kids.  Her hobbies include travel, culinary arts, and enjoying time with my two dogs.

Rachel Schmidt

R.SchmidtRachel Schmidt moved around a lot when she was younger, but from 5th grade through high school has lived in Salem, New Hampshire. Rachel always had an interest in math and science but what solidified her interest was when she took chemistry in high school.

Extracurricular activities on campus include yoga club and the UAN headed by one of her biochemistry professors. Schmidt doesn’t have any particular career goals yet, but is looking into applying to graduate school for either biochemistry or exercise science.

Schmidt is an avid runner and is currently training for a half marathon.  Her current research is on protein P6 in Nontypable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) as a potential vaccine candidate for otitus media (ear infections). 

John Schmietzel

Vassar College

Johnna Sizemore

Eastern Kentucky University

Joy Snyder

J.SnyderJoy Snyder grew up in a small town named Batavia, located between Rochester and Buffalo, NY.  As far back as she can remember, Snyder has always been interested in science.  As a child Snyder read science books during the summer and took notes on them, thinking she would write my own book.  She participated in many Science Fairs in elementary school and continued to love science throughout high school and college. 

Snyder is currently studying Biochemistry at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and pursuing minors in Business Administration and Deaf Cultural Studies.  She is a member of our RIT UAN chapter, and has been working in a research lab since freshman year.  Her research lab focused on studying proteins in Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae for vaccine candidates. 

After college Snyder plans to attend Pharmacy school.  She’s hoping to get a PharmD/PhD dual degree, which would allow her to work in clinical pharmacy.  Her hobbies include supporting DI Men’s Hockey team, reading novels, spending time with friends, traveling, and experimenting in the culinary arts.

Rosalie Sterner

R.SternerRosalie Sterner is a junior at Drake University.  She grew up on a farm in Iowa and volunteers as a 4H club leader and county 4H pet and cat project superintendent. 4H taught Sterner leadership skills, the importance of citizenship, and helped to foster a strong sense of curiosity. It is this sense of curiosity that attracted her to the study of molecular biology.

Sterner plans to get a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology as well as an M.D. Currently, she is pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology, a B.S .in Biology, a B.A. in Chemistry, and is completing the Drake Honors Track.

Sterner’s research experiences include studying influenza A viruses and organic chemistry research at Drake, working in a physiology lab at Des Moines University, and working at a seed corporation.

Outside of research, she is involved in the Drake UAN chapter as a mentor to underclassman. She is a member of Tri Beta (a biology honors society) and Mortar Board (a scholastic, leadership, and service honors society).  She also volunteers at a local free medical clinic.

Julie Truong

J.TruongJulie Truong left Vietnam at the age of thirteen and has lived in Mahwah, New Jersey ever since. As a registered nurse she worked in psychological, neurological, and medical/surgical units. She was always curious about how the body works at the cellular and molecular levels. So Truong decided to go back to school and study biochemistry at Ramapo College.

Besides devoting time to studying biochemistry, Truong serves as president and vice president in several clubs and honor societies on campus.  She spearheaded many community service activities such as raising money for diabetes research, supporting the local food pantry, raising awareness on animal abuse, and making get well cards for a local hospital.  This year, Truong founded the ASBMB UAN chapter at Ramapo College. The chapter currently has twenty-one eager members looking forward to better the science programs Ramapo for future students.

Truong is in the Theoretical and Applied Science Honors Research Program, with Dr. Seung-Sup Kim as her advisor. This project involves the biochemical and structural studies of certain proteins and their complexes from Deinococcus radiodurans. In addition, Truong is conducting a research project with the Ramapo College Honors Program that involves analyzing the relationship between biotechnology research, patentability, and the law.

Truong is applying for medical school and is very interested in diabetes research. Her hobbies include drawing, crocheting, reading, and swimming.