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Consultants for Program Review
Institutions with local chapters of  ΧΩΛ may request  the use of the ASBMB Undergraduate Program Consultant and Review Services.  ASBMB maintains a list of program consultants available to review programs at no cost other than travel and local accommodations.  UAN member institutions with a local chapter of ΧΩΛ can request such a review pending creation or initiation of a program, or once every five years for an existing program. To initiate such a review, the appropriate institutional official (Provost, Dean, Department Chair) should contact the UAN Regional Director for their region.  To view a list of all regional directors go to the UAN Committee page. 

ΧΩΛ Speakers
Each region of the Undergraduate Affiliate Network of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology maintains a list of ΧΩΛ Speakers who will travel to regional campuses at no cost to present a research seminar. UAN member institutions with a ΧΩΛ Chapter who are interested in having a ΧΩΛ Speaker visit their institution should consult with their UAN Regional Director or contact the ASBMB office.

Regional ASBMB UAN Meetings
Chapters of ΧΩΛ may host on campus ΧΩΛ Symposia which focus is on undergraduate science presentations with student or faculty speakers and poster presentations. Such symposia may also focus on teaching and research pedagogy.  If such a symposium involves multiple institutions the host chapter can apply for designation as a regional ASBMB - UAN Meeting and can apply for support in terms of publicity and travel awards (to the next Annual ASBMB Meeting) which can be awarded as prizes to the best undergraduate speakers or presenters.

Please contact your regional UAN Director if you are interested in hosting such an event.

Induction Ceremony
Sample induction ceremony speech (PDF)
Sample induction ceremony speech (Word)