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2012 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winners and Honorable Mentions



May 4, 2012 --  Over 220 undergraduate students, along with their faculty advisors, participated in the16th Annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition on April 21, 2012 in San Diego, Calif.  One-hundred-and-twenty volunteer judges generously donated their time to judging each and every poster.  Eleven graduate school exhibitors were on-site to talk to students about graduate programs in the biological sciences.  Twenty-three SMART teams made up of high school students and teachers were also in attendance.   

The following are the winners and honorable mentions by topic category.  

Cell Signaling

Srona Sengupta, Johns Hopkins University, Cell Signaling Best Poster Award
Amy Deng, Winthrop University, Cell Signaling Honorable Mention (Amy received an honorable mention at this event two years in a row.)
Kelly Folkers, Denison University, Cell Signaling Honorable Mention
Soma Jobbagy, University of Delaware, Cell Signaling Honorable Mention
Emerson Khost, Marymount Manhattan College, Cell Signaling Honorable Mention


Nucleic Acids

Rebekah Wieland, Mount Holyoke College, Nucleic Acids Best Poster Award
Jasmine Haller, Hendrix College, Nucleic Acids Honorable Mention
Allison O'Connell, Colorado College, Nucleic Acids Honorable Mention (Allison received an honorable mention at this event two years in a row.)
Sang Joon Won, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nucleic Acids Honorable Mention
Christopher Wright, University of Delaware, Nucleic Acids Honorable Mention

Protein & Enzymes

Michael Brister, University of Delaware, Protein & Enzymes Best Poster Award (Michael is the winner of this category two years in a row.)
John Chavis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Protein & Enzymes Honorable Mention
Kathryn Colelli, College of Holy Cross, Protein & Enzymes Honorable Mention
Breanna Kalmeta, Rochester Institute of Technology, Protein & Enzymes Honorable Mention (Breanna received an honorable mention at this event  two years in a row.)
Matthew Mauseth, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Protein & Enzymes Honorable Mention

Systems Biology 

Caitlin Peirce, Hope College, Systems Biology Best Poster Award
Grant Barber, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Systems Biology Honorable Mention
Alice Cai, University of Arizona, Systems Biology Honorable Mention
Nicholas Hazekamp, Hope College, Systems Biology Honorable Mention
Lyana Labrada, University of Delaware, Systems Biology Honorable Mention

Congratulations to all!  Next year's poster competition will be held on April 20, 2013 in Boston.