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Student-Centered Education in the Molecular Life Sciences II

University of Richmond

July 20-23, 2011


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Meeting Videos,PowerPoints and Handouts

Plenary Talks: 

Metaphorical Approaches to Implementing Vision & Change: Change Masters, Positive Deviants, Mentors and Black Swans
Jeanne Narum, Ph.D., Independent Colleges Offices

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Moving Beyond Inclusivity: Can We Do A Better Job Retaining Under-represented Students in STEM Disciplines?
April Hill, Ph.D., University of Richmond

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Starting and Sustaining Undergraduate Research 
Cheryl Kerfeld, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Research Institute and U.C. Berkeley

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An Integrated Science Curriculum for First Year Students
Lisa Gentile, Ph.D., University of Richmond

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Jack and the Bean Stalk and Other Tales of Assessment
David Asai, Ph.D., HHMI

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Concurrent Sessions:

Active Learning Strategies - Hal White, Ph.D., University of Delaware

Active Learning Workshop PPT 
Generating Discussion during Examinations 
P(X)nL Pedagogies of Engagement 
Introduction to Biochemistry, a PBL Class
How to Construct a Concept Map 

Outreach Activities -Marilee Benore, Ph.D., University of Michigan and Joe Provost, Ph.D., Minnesota State University Moorhead 

Best Practices: Active Learning Strategies and Outreach Activities - Teaster Baird, Ph.D., San Francisco State University and Brenda Kelly, Ph.D., Gustavus Adophus College

Brenda Kelly Talk PPT (Click to Download)

Grant Writing Workshops by Topic Area:
Research - David Rockcliffe, Ph.D., NSF MCB
STEM Education - Mary Lee Ledbetter, Ph.D., NSF DUE
Instrumentation - Ellis Bell, Ph.D., University of Richmond

D. Rockcliffe Talk PDF 
Mary Lee Ledbetter PPT 

Sharing Laboratory Ideas and Assessments - Ann Aguanno, Ph.D., Marymount Manhattan College and Ben Caldwell, Missouri State University

Sharing Lab Ideas PPT 
B. Caldwell, C. Rohlman, M. Benore-Parsons, 2004, BAMBED, 32:11-16. 
BMB Skills Matrix Table 1  

To share your lab exercises and to obtain copies from workshop participants, contact Ann Aguanno or Ben Caldwell 

What Skills do Students Need? Graduate School and Industry - Peter Kennelly, Ph.D., Virginia Tech, Ann Stock, Ph.D., UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Greg Bertenshaw, Ph.D., Correlogic Systems, Inc., and Weiping Jiang, Ph.D., R&D Systems, Inc.

Teamwork is Everywhere
Preparing for a Job in Industry
Get Hired as an Industrial Chemist
Colleges and Employers Don't Value Your Texting Skills
Communication Skills and Employability
Boerner, L. K. Chemical Bonding, C&E News October 18, 2010, pages 39-41

Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) Biochemistry Workshop - Vicky Minderhout, Ph.D., Seattle University

Best Practices in Biochemistry Teaching Strategies and Student DevelopmentTakita Sumter, Ph.D., Winthrop University and Henry Jakubowski, Ph.D., St. John's University

From Proposal to Publication: Writing and Critical Thinking Skills - Carla Mattos, Ph.D., North Carolina State University and Joe Provost, Ph.D. Minnesota State University Moorhead 

PPT Slides Provost & Mattos 
Effective Writing Handout 
Tara Gray Book Summary 
Article by John R. Platt  
Where to Begin the Writing Process - Michael Alley, Penn State


HHMI & Integrated Science Curricula Brian Goess, Ph.D., Furman University, Helen I'Anson, Ph.D., Washington and Lee University, James Swartz, Ph.D., Grinnell College, and Christopher J. Paradise, Ph.D. Davidson College. Moderated by Lisa Gentile, Ph.D. University of Richmond.

W&L ID Initiatives by Helen I'Anson
B. Goess Talk 
A Multi-Institutional Study of Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning in STEM by J. Swartz 
Integrating Concepts in Biology: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Introductory Biology