Industry jobs in mass spectrometry and proteomics

7/19/2019 11:40:57 AM

In the introductory post of our job-search strategy series, we emphasized the need to take a multifaceted approach to finding career opportunities. That post outlines various components of a comprehensive strategy and includes an extensive listing of job boards.

Another tactic is to research the key players who are active within a specific research landscape you’re interested in being a part of. One good way to find industry key players is to look at the list of sponsors for research conferences and other events. This information typically can be found on the meeting website, program or other promotional materials. 

Conferences that are more specialized and focus on niche scientific topics are especially useful for this purpose. Those companies that have decided to sponsor such an event have done so because they have a vested interest in that area, whether it be to market relevant products to attendees or find research collaborators for future projects.

As a prime example, take the ASBMB’s upcoming 13th International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry in the Health and Life Sciences: Molecular and Cellular Proteomics to be held Aug. 18–22 in San Francisco. It will provide a forum to learn about innovative advances in mass-spectrometric technologies and applications for cell biology and medicine, with a focus on protein biology and proteomics. (Note: You still have time to register online for the symposium by Aug. 1. There is a reduced trainee registration rate for graduate students and postdocs.)  

Symposium sponsors include the ASBMB journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics and multiple companies at the forefront of advancing MS instrumentation, software and related applications. For this week’s job roundup, we took a look at the career sites for each of the industry sponsors to see what types of jobs are available. We found lots of openings across sales, customer support and service, and R&D departments. Where possible, we looked for jobs specifically related to proteomics to narrow down the scope of searches at the larger companies.  

Weekly jobs roundup  

  • Bruker is a global manufacturer of analytical instruments that includes mass-spectrometry and separations technologies. The mass-spectrometry division is referred to as Bruker Daltonics and the primary office is located in Billerica, Mass. This location has a job opening for an application scientist in polymer and industrial chemical analysis. Responsibilities include pre-sales technical support with customer samples, product demonstrations and developing new applications. Minimum qualifications include a Ph.D. in chemistry or analytical science (or an equivalent level of experience in industry) and extensive experience with LC/GC-MS instrumentation and MALDI, DART and ESI ionization techniques. No application deadline is provided.  
  • SCIEX specializes in mass-spectrometry technologies and solutions for a range of research and clinical-diagnostic markets and is headquartered in Framingham, Mass. It is part of the Danaher’s portfolio of science and technology companies that includes Beckman Coulter and Leica Biosystems. Current openings with the company include field-service engineers (multiple locations), production and quality assurance scientists at its manufacturing site (Carlsbad, Calif.), and a market-development manager (Boston). All positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and varying levels of related experience. See the job postings for more details. No application deadlines are provided.  
  • Evosep is a Denmark-based company that focuses on developing instrumentation and applications for clinical proteomics. Currently, the company is looking to bring onboard a product specialist who will based in North America and work remotely. In this role, the incumbent will provide customers with application support and serve as a technical expert for the sales team. Minimum qualifications include a scientific degree in the analytical sciences, biochemistry or a related field and at least three years of experience with LC-MS instrumentation for proteomics. No application deadline is provided.  
  • PreOmics is a startup based in Munich, Germany, that provides sample-preparation technologies for mass spectrometry-based protein analyses. The company has an opening for a technical/scientific sales specialist to be located in the Boston or San Francisco Bay Area. This position involves sales and outreach to customers through scientific presentations and product demonstrations at conferences and in other settings. Minimum qualifications include experience with MS-based proteomics and protein-analysis applications and strong communication skills. No application deadline is provided.  
  • Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is a company based in Waterloo, Canada, that develops software applications for LC-MS/MS-based analyses of proteins and antibodies. BSI has a number of openings listed to join both its sales and software-development teams. All positions are located at the company headquarters. See the job postings for more details. No application deadlines are provided.  
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a range of instrumentation, products and services in proteomics and protein mass-spectrometry solutions. As a large, global company with multiple brands and 70,000 employees, there are always lots of positions at any given time on its job board. In searching the career site for proteomics jobs within the U.S., there are at least five field- or lab-based application (development) scientist positions listed. Minimum qualifications vary by position but general preference is for a scientist with an advanced degree and solid experience with the MS instrumentation outlined in the advertisement. See the job postings for more information. No application deadlines are provided.     
  • Waters Corporation is a global company that designs, manufactures, sells and services analytical technologies in liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis. A search of the job board for the keyword proteomics resulted in two current openings. One is for a principal scientist to design new instrumentation and requires at least a master’s degree in physics, chemistry or engineering and five year of related experience. The other position is a market-development manager for its biomedical-research segment and requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering and five years of research experience. Both positions are located at the company’s headquarters in Milford, Mass.  

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