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4/15/2019 11:34:30 AM

My heart goes out to all the undergraduates (and other college grads) who are grappling with what to do next after getting turned down from graduate school or other training programs. Rejection can be so hard. But, let me emphasize, this is not the end of your science career. As this recent Twitter thread shared by Científico Latino points out, there are so many successful career scientists who didn’t get into Ph.D. programs the first time they applied.  

Also, know that you have lots of options available to help you figure out the next step in your professional life, whether that be re-applying to grad school or pursuing other science-career paths. One of these options is to join a postbac research program. These are one- or two-year research positions designed for recent college graduates to get more laboratory experience in advance of applying to graduate programs. These may be formal programs or individual research labs looking to take on a research/lab technician.  

We also previously highlighted a wide range of post-bachelor’s research and training programs here on the careers blog. Definitely check out this post for a comprehensive listing of resources on how to find related postbaccalaureate opportunities. For this week, we bring you a roundup of open postbachelor’s research jobs to help you explore this specific option further.  

Weekly jobs roundup  

  • New England Biolabs (Ipswich, Mass.) runs an industry postbaccalaureate fellowship program intended to provide recent college graduates with advanced training before applying to graduate school. Currently, there are three open research positions in the areas of protein purification development, molecular enzymology and RNA biology. Applicants must have received a bachelor’s degree within the last three years. See the postings for more details. (H/t to ASBMB member Lana Saleh, who alerted us to this opportunity and is the hiring manager for the first two positions listed. You can reach her by email with any questions.)  
  • The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (Frederick, Md.) has an opening for a postbaccalaureate fellow within its AIDS and Cancer Virus Program. Applicants to the postbac program must have received their bachelor’s degree within the past three years or a master’s degree within the past six months. See the website for more details. No application deadline is provided.  
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, N.M.) has opportunities for postbac researchers to join the chemistry division. Research is across broad areas that are applicable to the lab’s mission in “solving problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health and global-security concerns.” The program is intended for recent graduates to gain work/research experience while preparing to apply to graduate school. Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering in the last three years.  
  • The lab of Jeremy L. Davis in the Surgical Oncology Program within the Center for Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Md.) is hiring for a two-year postbaccalaureate fellow position. The laboratory’s research focuses on gastric cancer initiation and metastasis. See the posting for instructions on how to apply. No application deadline is provided.  
  • According to a recent job posting on Indeed, the laboratory of Theresa T. Lu at the Hospital for Special Surgery Research Institute/Weill Cornell Medical School has an opening for a postbaccalaureate researcher. The project will focus on the role of immune cells in regulating skin, lymph nodes and the musculoskeletal system in the context of autoimmune diseases. Contact information for the Lu Lab is located on the HSS Research Institute website.  
  • Gabriel Rocklin, assistant professor of pharmacology at Northwestern University, recently posted on Twitter that his newly established lab is searching for researchers at all levels (students, postdocs and postbacs). The Rocklin lab works on high-throughput protein design and biophysics. Check out the lab website for more information.  
  • C. Savio Chan, assistant professor of physiology at Northwestern University, also recently posted on Twitter that his lab is seeking a lab technician/manager. The Chan lab studies cell and circuit elements involved in basal ganglia function and dysfunction to inform development of treatments for neurological disorders. Individuals who are interested in gaining research experience before applying to grad school are encouraged to apply. See the lab website for more details.  

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Donna Kridelbaugh is a contributor to the ASBMB Careers Blog. She holds an advanced degree in microbiology and is a former lab manager.   

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