Fall 2018: Career resources and blog recap

9/26/2018 5:05:46 PM

It’s time, yet again, for another blog recap, to help you catch up on the latest career advice and resources that the ASBMB has to offer. This post also happens to mark my one-year anniversary writing for the ASBMB Careers Blog (and I feel like breaking open a bottle of champagne as I write this post, but I’ll stick to my usual overly caffeinated writer buzz instead). IMO, the No. 1 benefit of being a freelancer is the option to work with clients who reflect your values as well. Therefore, it has been a pleasure to work with an organization that is truly dedicated to supporting early-career scientists. OK, sentiments aside, here is a collection of useful career resources and upcoming reminders, along with that blog recap I promised. 

Career advice and resources  

  • Last week, the ASBMB celebrated National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week with a series of live #PostdocLife Twitter chats covering topics related to staying in the academic career track, jobs outside academia and other useful career advice. Look up #ASBMBLovesPostdocs or these daily roundups of tweets to catch up on the conversations.  
  • Faculty hiring season is in full swing, and, recently, the ASBMB hosted a professional-development webinar with an insider’s take on what faculty search committees are looking for. You can watch the archived webinar online or see this AToday article for a synopsis. (Also, don’t forget to check out the ASBMB Job Board if you are on the faculty job hunt. There are lots of positions at the assistant-professor level listed right now.)  

Scicomm skills and training  

  • The ASBMB’s Art of Science Communication course begins Oct. 1 and registration is open until that date. During the eight-week course, participants will learn the fundamentals of communicating complex scientific information to a nontechnical audience with an emphasis on presentations. The course is $25 for ASBMB members. (FYI, if you have previously taken the course, it is possible to serve as a course mentor in the future, which provides valuable training in how to teach science-communication skills as well.)  
  • If you’re interested in further building your science-communications portfolio or just adding your voice to the discussion to help other scientists, you can write for the AToday as a guest contributor. There are open calls for submissions for several series right now. This includes submissions for the January issue focused on wellness. The editorial staff is looking for your thoughts on how scientists can stay well (both physically and mentally) and expressed as written works, photography or other visual media. The deadline for submitting topic ideas is Oct. 15.     

Annual meeting planning  

  • It’s not too early to be thinking about the ASBMB annual meeting to be held April 6–9, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. Abstract submissions are due by Nov. 14. In addition to traditional posters and presentations, the meeting will once again feature spotlight talks, which is a great way to practice your scicomm skills and get your name out in front of a large audience. (And, if you need some guidance on writing an abstract, check out these tips from the Journal of Biological Chemistry’s technical editor Martin Spiering.)  
  • There are a number of travel awards available for the ASBMB annual meeting with an application due date of Nov. 27. The application system will open soon. Note: In order to apply for travel awards, applicants must also have submitted a first-author conference abstract by the due date.  
  • Additionally, nominations are open for the JBC’s Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award* until Oct. 31. A scientist at any career stage who is the first author on an exceptional paper published in JBC can be nominated. The awardees will be recognized for their accomplishments in ASBMB publications and invited to present at the ASBMB annual meeting.  

* This year also marks a major milestone for Herbert Tabor, former JBC editor-in-chief and scientist extraordinaire, who will be turning 100 years young! Help the ASBMB celebrate by submitting your personal stories or other reflections on how his scientific legacy has affected your career.  

Careers blog recap  

Last, but not least, here is a recap of recent posts on the ASBMB Careers Blog. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing this blog, it’s that the number of possible science career paths is limitless. There are so many topics to cover and so little time! If you have a specific career path you’d like me to research further, feel free to comment below or reach out to the ASBMB on Twitter and tag your post with #ASBMBCareers.  

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Donna Kridelbaugh is a contributor to the ASBMB Careers Blog. She holds an advanced degree in microbiology and is a former lab manager.   

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