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8/31/2017 4:59:56 PM

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve reported my methods for digging up jobs for these posts. While it’s not really important where I found the positions, I honestly was just plain curious to see what kinds of offerings exist on different platforms/sites. This week, I dug into the job board hosted by Diverse Issues in Higher Education and was impressed by how many recent BMB-related results came up. But, upon closer inspection, things were not as they seemed. Several of the posts were for faculty and staff searches that already had been completed or abandoned. I suspect this could be the case with posts on many job boards, and I’m not giving Diverse a hard time. It’s a great publication, and, though I’m not a technical expert, I am guessing the old posts being presented as new ones has to do with automation issues. (Still, it’s annoying.) Anyway, calling all these departments was interesting, and it just goes to show that you should pick up the phone before getting your hopes up or wasting any time on tailoring your application materials. That terrific job that posted today might not exist after all.


Apply for these

Tenure-track structural biologist: Brown University (Providence, R.I.) has a search for a faculty member for the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry Department. Excerpt: “(The faculty member will) pursue an independent, externally funded research program using structural and biophysical approaches to investigate complex biological phenomena. Special attention will be given to candidates with a focus on disease-related research areas.” Apply using Interfolio.

Lecturers: The University of California, San Diego, is accepting applications on a rolling basis (through June 2018) for its lecturer pool. Excerpt: “Courses in which lecturers are typically needed include undergraduate lower and upper division lecture courses in the areas of Physiology (BILD 2, BIPN 100 and BIPN 102), Metabolic (BIBC 102) and Structural Biochemistry (BIBC 100), Cell Biology (BILD 1 and/or BICD 110), Molecular Biology (BIMM 100), Genetics (BICD 100), and Microbiology (BIMM 120). Lab courses include Introductory Biology Lab (BILD 4), Recombinant DNA Techniques (BIMM 101), Biochemical Techniques (BIBC 103), Animal Physiology Lab (BIPN 105) and Microbiology Lab (BIMM 121).” Here’s the UC San Diego version of the posting.

Assistant professors: The University of Utah (Salt Lake City), Department of Biochemistry, is hiring multiple assistant professors to begin in fall 2018. Excerpt: "Our goal is to achieve transformative excellence in the molecular life sciences by recruiting innovative colleagues to our collaborative community. The scope of this search is broad, and includes Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemical Biology, Imaging and Protein Design. Opportunities exist for considerable synergy with institutional initiatives in: biophysics, cancer, inflammation/infection/immunity, metabolism, neuroscience, and translational research." Note: There's an outdated post on Diverse's job board for 2017 positions (see below), so make sure to use this one for 2018.

Postdoctoral researcher: East Carolina University (Greenville, N.C.), Department of Kinesiology, is seeking a postdoc to work in the lab of Carol A. Witczak. Excerpt: "The (postdoc will) investigate the role of intracellular Ca2+ and calmodulin kinase (CaMK) signaling in the regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism and hypertrophic growth." This post went up more than a year ago, but Witczak assured me that she still has room in her lab. Here's the ECU version of the posting. 

Research technicianTufts University (Medford, Mass.) needs a research technician in the Molecular Biology and Microbiology Department. This is an entry-level position for someone with a bachelor’s degree. The Tufts job description was posted Aug. 10, so I’m pretty confident they’re still taking applications.


Maybe apply for these

Research technician: East Carolina University (Greenville, N.C.), Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology. Now, this job’s application period closed Aug. 31. But I talked to someone at the department and was told it’s possible the search will be extended. If it’s in your lane, I think it’s worth investigating this one further. Pick up the phone and see if you can find out who the PI is. They wouldn’t tell me! Here’s the ECU application site.

Assistant teaching professor (also called “lecturer with potential security of employment,” if you can believe that): University of California, San Diego, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. I’m putting this one in the “maybe” pile because the deadline for review was Aug. 17, and yet the posting says they’ll still accept applications submitted by today (Sept. 1) just in case the other applicants don’t work out. It’s useful only for those of you who have your application ducks in a row. Here’s the UC San Diego version of the posting.


Don’t apply for these

Assistant professor: Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Va.), Department of Biochemistry, vector-borne disease. I talked to a representative in the biochem department, and she said all three openings have been filled. I let her know the post had gone up this week on the Diverse job board and was still available on the VT job board.

Tenured professor and chair: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), School of Dental Medicine, Department of Biochemistry. I talked to the interim chair, and he said the search is not active. So, you can ignore the post on Diverse’s job boardand the post (from 2014!) on the university’s job board.

Assistant professors: The University of Utah (Salt Lake City), Department of Biochemistry. The department chair confirmed that the positions advertised here are for this school year and already have been filled. The good news is that he also said the department is currently recruiting for next year. See above.

Research technician: Tufts University (Medford, Mass), Department of Developmental, Molecular and Chemical Biology. Even though this position was posted on Diverse’s job board just a week ago, it’s not available. However, see the Tufts research technician posting above. It’s in a different department but (I’m pretty confident) still available.

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