Write a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor of your local newspapers can be very effective at raising awareness of important issues in your community. Furthermore, many members of Congress keep up with news back in their state or district, and placing a letter to the editor is just one more way to catch the eye of a legislator. 

To find the newspapers in your area, visit this site and click on your state. Select the newspaper(s) that you would like to submit a letter to and search the newspaper's website for letter-to-the-editor submission guidelines.

To keep in mind while writing a letter to the editor: 

  • Follow the directions posted on the website. If there are length restrictions, for example, respect these restrictions.
  • Focus on a single topic. Letters to the editor are often short and don't leave room enough for multiple diverse points.
  • Be clear and concise. You are trying to communicate with non-scientists, and making a concise argument will be appreciated.
  • Newspapers receive many more letters to the editor than they can print. Don't be disappointed if yours is not published.
  • Do it again! Conveying specific messages in this medium can be difficult. The only way to get good at it is to practice.