Decisions made by Congress, regulatory agencies and local governments have profound effects on the conduct of science. Likewise, science provides many benefits to society, including innovation, treatments for public health threats and jobs conducting research and supporting laboratories. Scientists play a crucial role in educating the public about the benefits of science while advocating for policies that will facilitate the discoveries of the future.

The primary goal of the fellowship program is to offer young scientists exposure to work at the intersection of science communications, policy and social science. The fellow will work closely with the ASBMB Director of Public Affairs, Benjamin Corb, and participate in a range of science-policy research, communications and advocacy activities. He/she will spend time on Capitol Hill attending meetings and hearings, agency briefings, seminars and coalition sessions. He/she will participate in activities of the ASBMB  Public Affairs Advisory Committee . Outside of the general responsibilities discussed below, the fellow will have significant freedom to follow specific topics and issues that are of interest to him/her.


Andrew Stothert (2016-2017)


Sarah Martin (2015-2016)

Erica Siebrasse  (2014-2015)

Shaila Kotadia  (2013-2014)

Chris Pickett  (2012-2013)

Julie McClure  (2011-2012)

Geoff Hunt  (2010-2011)

Kyle Brown  (2009-2010)

Allen Dodson  (2008-2009)

Angela Hvitved  (2007-2008)