Sample Congressional telephone call

This is how a call might go between a researcher from Seattle, Washington, and a Washington Senator’s office. 

Hello, Senator Murray’s office. 

Hi, this is Dr. Bob Brown and I live in Seattle. I’d like to speak to the staffer who works on NIH funding. 

Hold on please while I check if that person is available. (pause) I’m sorry, our health LA isn’t available right now. Can I take a message? 

Yes, I’m calling about the FY14 Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations bill. I know Senator Murray is on that committee and as a biochemist at the University of Washington, I’d like her to make sure that the NIH recevies at least $32 billion for FY14. In an effort to provide predictable, sustained funding for the NIH and the researchers who receive NIH grants, I would also like Sen. Murray to support regular funding increases for the NIH with the goal of $35 billion by FY16. My colleagues and I are doing research on [insert your research here] that could affect the health and healthcare spending of thousands in Washington and it is important to maintain adequate resources at the NIH so we can continue our work. 

Thanks for your message. Can I get your full name, address, and telephone number? 

Bob Brown, 1234 First Street, Seattle, Washington, 12345. (206) 555-2233. 

Thank you. I will pass along your message to the Senator. 

Thank you.