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September 2013 - Have you taken the challenge?The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology issued the 100 Meetings Challenge once again this year.
August 2013 - Turning controversy into actionASBMB's science policy fellow Chris Pickett describes the role of scientists when it comes to preparing those in the government and the judiciary for dealing with high-profile controversies
June 2013 - Peer review at the National Science Foundation under threatASBMB Science Policy Fellow Chris Pickett says of recently proposed legislation, "While it is doubtful this draft bill will become law, the thought processes behind it are concerning."
May 2013 - Why Hill Day alone won't work

ASBMB Public Affairs Director Ben Corb writes why scientists must engage with their elected representatives more often in order to get results.

April 2013 - Scientific conferences under threat

A bill under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives could severely limit the ability of federal scientists to take part in scientific conferences.

March 2013 - Proposed immigration reforms could benefit scientists

The recent bipartisan support for reforming the nation’s immigration system may have long term effects on laboratories across the country.

February 2013 - How Scientists Can Save the World

ASBMB's public affairs director, Benjamin Corb, previews the ASBMB’s public affairs symposium at Experimental Biology 2013 in April in Boston.

January 2013 - The ASBMB legislative agenda for 2013

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology remains committed to voicing the concerns of our members to those on Capitol Hill. To this end, the ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee has begun work on an ambitious plan to develop a sustainable biomedical research enterprise.

December 2012 - Congress' unfinished business

Here are a few of the legislative topics that we’ll be following as the 112th Congress comes to a close.

November 2012 - A public affairs bonanza!

The public affairs team has three pieces in this month's edition of the ASBMB Today.

October 2012 - In case you missed it

How did presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney respond to a series of science debate questions? 

September 2012 - Don't let this crisis go to waste

The ASBMB public affairs team urges members to reach out to their members of Congress before the nation plunges over the fiscal cliff.

August 2012 - Thanks, but we need moreASBMB Office of Public Affairs Director, Ben Corb, discusses the recent work-force report by the NIH working group.
July 2012 - Become a science advocateHave you signed up to meet with your U.S. representative or senator?
June 2012 - 100 Meeting ChallengeIt all starts with YOU!
May 2012 - Underrepresented minorities in researchASBMB addresses the issue of diversity in the biomedical research work force
April 2012 - Hill Day 2012

ASBMB members meet with Congress to advocate for basic research funding 

March 2012 - Obama’s FY13 budget: a mixed bag for biomedical researchWhat does flat funding for NIH in FY13 really mean for researchers?
February 2012 - The value of basic research shouldn’t be lost in translationWe have to tell the story of the symbiotic relationship between fundamental and applied science
January 2012 - 2012 through our crystal ball

A new year represents new goals for the Office of Public Affairs. 

December 2011 - The public affairs staff's holiday wish list"Yes Virginia, there is hope in Washington."
November 2011 - Advocacy resources at your fingertipsThe new ASBMB Advocacy wesbite helps members get involved in science policy.
October 2011 - San Diego: a jewel for biomedical innovationFederal funding at academic institutions supports local industry development.
September 2011- Here we go againASBMB urges members to stand up to attacks on science.
August 2011- Bringing it all back homeSpend some time with your member of Congress this summer.
July 2011- The not-so-invisible handPlans to expand a government program to help small businesses cash in on scientific discoveries are delayed by contentious legislative language.
June 2011- Alternative energy nation?Congress is considering legislation to promote and develop laboratory-based biofuel production.
May 2011- Fixing a holeImproving the U.S. patent system.