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ASBMB publishes paper on sustainability of the research enterpriseThe ASBMB published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about consensus recommendations for making the research enterprise more sustainable.
21st Century Cures passes U.S. HouseToday, the U.S. House passed the 21st Century Cures Act.
Special interests affect NIH fundingA study published recently revealed that lobbying on behalf of disease-specific research affects how the National Institutes of Health allocates its yearly appropriations.
Journals and the NIH move to improve research reproducibilityThe National Institutes of Health has announced an agreement with journal editors to harmonize standards for data and methods reporting and statistical analyses.
The outlook for science after the electionNature echoes an ASBMB post suggesting that, regardless of who wins, little is expected to change for science funding agencies.
ASBMB's Director of Public Affairs on BioCentury This WeekASBMB's director of public affairs appeared on BioCentury This Week to discuss the decline in federal funding for biological research and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Federal government halts funding for gain-of-function studiesThe federal government will halt the funding of new gain-of-function studies in pathogens and is asking for a voluntary moratorium on research already in progress.
Scientific community responds to U.S. Rep's proposal for young researchersAdvocates for the biomedical community respond to Rep. Andy Harris' proposed legislation focused on young researchers.
OMB clarifies postdoc trainingToday, the White House Office of Management and Budget clarified how postdoctoral scholars should be specified on grant applications.