How to contact your member of Congress

Before contacting your member of Congress, be sure to check out our examples of letters/phone scripts to prepare for your conversation!

House of Representatives

To write a letter or call your representative, visit this website and click on your representative's name to take you to his/her personal website. Search around for the "Contact Me" link and use this to either find the phone number for the office or the form to submit a letter.

Don't know who your representative is?

Go to and put your zip code (9-digit preferred, but 5-digit OK) in the upper right corner of the page.



To write a letter or call your senator, visit this website, find your senator and click on the webform link to submit a letter. If you want to make a phone call, click on the senator's name to go his/her personal website and use the "Contact Me" link to find the phone number for the office.

Don't know who your senators are?

Go to this website and on the top of the page, select the state you live in.