Plenary Lectures

The meeting program will include the speakers and tentative topics below. 



Donald F. Hunt, University of Virginia  
Innovative Technology for the Identification of Post-translational Modifications; New Findings in Research Related to Plant Biology,  Epigenetics and Immunotherapy of Cancer


Eric J. Bennett, University of California, San Diego
Using the ubiquitin modified proteome to monitor protein homeostasis function

Alma Burlingame, University of California, San Francisco
The characterization and dynamics of O-GlcNAcylation and Phosphorylation at the Murine Synapse by Mass Spectrometry

Kate S. Carroll, Scripps Research Institute
Protein sulfenylation goes global: Probing intracellular targets of hydrogen peroxide produced for growth factor signaling

Neil Kelleher, Northwestern University
From Histones Onward: Reading the Language of Combinatorial Protein Modification with Top Down Proteomics

Alexandra Newton, University of California, San Diego
Phosphorylation in Lipid Second Messenger Signaling

Chris Overall, University of British Columbia
Tools and methodology for the characterization of protein N- and C-termini and for proteolytic post translational processing

Eric Verdin, Gladstone Institutes
Protein regulation by acetylation and the role of histone/protein deacetylases

Lance Wells, University of Georgia
Characterization of O-linked Glycosylation

Yingming Zhao, University of Chicago
New protein modification pathways and enzymes revealed by proteomics approaches



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