Abstract Submission



All programming notifications have been sent as of July 12, 2012. 

All abstracts accepted as Poster Presentations will be eligible to compete for "Best Posters Awards." 
Poster Dimensions: 48 inches high by 72 inches wide (122 cm high by 183 cm wide)

Submission Instructions

To successfully submit an abstract for consideration you are required to complete the following steps:
Deadline: JUNE 1, 2012

    STEP 1:  Select your programming preferences.  You are required to enter your abstract title (max. of 250 characters)
                     and body text (max. of 2000 characters including spaces and punctuation). 
                               In Microsoft Word, select and copy your abstract: Command-A then Command-C (mac user) or
                              Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C (windows user).  On the abstract submission page, click the clipboard icon at the top
                              left above the text box to paste the abstract into the box.  
                              You may also type directly into the text box (plain text only).         

    STEP 2:  Enter the authors and affilations in the order they should be listed in the program and select if they are a presenting 
                    author.  As the instructions note on this page, at least one author must be selected as the presenting author.  
                    You cannot reorder the authors once entered into the system.  If a change is required, you may delete authors 
                    and re-enter in the proper order. 

    STEP 3:  Review Abstract.  Click the link to view a PDF copy to view your abstract.  Proofread carefully.  This is how your
                     abstract will appear in the program.  You may choose to edit the abstract or continue to submit your abstract.
   STEP 4:  The final step is the confirmation screen.  You will be provided the option to print a copy of the confirmation. 
                    You will also receive a copy of the confirmation by email.  This should be kept for your records. 

Edit Abstract: Once you have submitted your abstract additional editing of abstracts will be permitted until June 29, 2012.  Please return to the system and click the edit button next to the abstract.

Programming Decisions:
All abstracts will be reviewed by the meeting organizers.  Programming notifications will be sent by email Monday, July 16, 2012.  All abstracts not selected for oral presentations will be reviewed for poster programming.     




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