Special Symposia


“Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”
–T. Dobzhansky

The 2013 symposium "Evolution and Core Processes in Gene Regulation" will begin in the afternoon on Thursday, July 25th and conclude with lunch on Sunday, July 28th. Organisms have evolved a diverse set of mechanisms to orchestrate the expression of their genes. The core machinery of gene expression is instrumental to this process but also subject to the ever-changing needs required to survive and reproduce. This special symposium aims to bring together current perspectives on regulatory evolution with mechanistic insights into gene expression. Topics will include complex transcriptional processes, RNA processing and translational machines with an emphasis on evolutionary insights and quantitative models. These topics will be covered by a panel of invited speakers recognized for recent advancements in mechanistic and evolutionary studies of gene expression with the objective of achieving cross-fertilization between disciplines. This focused, three-day meeting will allow extensive informal interactions for participants to gain a better understanding of key challenges in the respective areas of study and to forge collaborations. 

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