Special Symposia


The 2013 symposium "Membrane-anchored Serine Proteases" will begin in the afternoon on Thursday, September 19 and conclude with breakfast Sunday, September 22nd.  The recent availability of the complete genomic sequences of several mammalian organisms has led to an explosion in knowledge of proteolytic enzymes and the realization that proteases make up more than 2 percent of the human proteome. An unexpected outcome was the unveiling of a new family of serine proteases that are anchored directly to the plasma membrane. This inaugural symposium on membrane-anchored serine proteases will highlight the rapidly expanding understanding of the activities of this family of enzymes in fundamental cellular, developmental and pathological processes. The symposium will explore biochemical aspects of their structure and function, regulation of their activities in cells and tissues, challenges in the identification of their target substrates, and their roles in cellular signaling, proteolytic cascades and receptor activation. Their potentially wide-ranging contributions to diverse human pathologies, such as cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, cancer and viral infections, also will be featured. This abstract-driven meeting will encompass a variety of disciplines, and there will be ample opportunities to interact and share findings in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere.   

Confirmed Speakers:

Edith Hummler, University de Lausanne
Eric Camerer, Paris Cardiovascular Research Centre & Université Paris-Descartes
Charles Craik, University of California- San Francisco
Mingdon Huang, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Hiroaki Kataoka, University of Miyazaki
Shaun Coughlin, Cardiovascular Research Institute- UCSF
Karin List, Wayne State University School of Medicine 

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