2012 NE ASBMB-UAN Leaders Biochemistry Concept Workshops

Moravian_CollegeJanuary 6, 2012 -- Join ASBMB members and other biochemistry and molecular biology faculty this March at one of two ASBMB sponsored NE regional workshops that will focus on developing a biochemistry and molecular biology concept inventory.  The two workshops are scheduled for March 3, 2012 and March 10, 2012.   

These workshops are part of a five year ASBMB initiative (funded by the NSF) that focuses on network building to create and disseminate validated assessment tools for the foundational core knowledge and skills required for biochemistry and molecular biology degrees, and to promote validated student-centered teaching approaches.

The three major objectives of this project are to 1) develop a set of core concepts and skills specific to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology; 2) develop validated assessment tools that may be used to assess student learning and 3) create a central resource of pedagogical approaches based on cognition research that are useful to the community of biochemistry and molecular biology educators.

Workshop I - March 3, 2012, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA.  This workshop will be led by Dr. Hal White, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Section Editor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.  Workshop co-leaders are hosts are Dr. Shari Dunham and Dr. Steve Dunham at Moravian College.  Learn more and register.    

Workshop II - March 10, 2012, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.  This workshop will be led and hosted by Dr. Carla Mattos and Dr. David Budil at Northeastern University.  Learn more and register.